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Mexico City, December 5, 2019
Ms. Sieglinde Ivo
International Naturist Federation President

Dear Ms. President:

Through this letter we wish to approach the FNI in two senses. First of all, witha letter-invitation addressed to the organism that you represent with the purpose that you can joined us to the VIII ELAN (8th Latin American Nudism Meeting) next to be held in The City of Quito, Ecuador, from March 6 to 8, 2020.Secondly, we want to share some background about the creation and development of this event as well as the formation of the CLANUD (Latin American Confederation of Nudism), for its mayor information.

The ELAN was carried out for the ­first time in 2007 at the initiative of Brazil, an FNI member country, with the purpose of creating a movement that would allow Latin American nudists to begin to know each other. Promoting the idea of having a future foundation of a Latin American organization in mind that will represent the nudism of this part of the world. Moreover, ELAN has been organized in different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and soon Ecuador.

The year of 2018, during the VII ELAN (7th. ELAN), celebrated in Brazil, we materialized a dream of many years and a lot of work: the creation of the CLANUD (Latin American Confederation of Nudism), with the aim of promoting the practice of nudism in our region. Besides that, to integrate and support the nudist initiatives of all member countries and to allow nudists from all over Latin America to know each other and create bonds of friendship and work.

It should be clari­fied that in Spanish and throughout Latin America the word NATURISM assumes a different meaning to other countries, with two variants: on the one hand, it refers to vegetarian people who do not eat anything industrialized and on the other hand, it is a term that encompasses all streams of alternative medicine; however, within Latin nudists both terms are used interchangeably.

Currently, the presidency of the CLANUD is under the responsibility of the Nudist Federation of Mexico (FNM, member country of INF-FNI). In addition to Mexico, the member countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Since our inception, we have been holding biweekly virtual meetings and have implemented several actions, among others:

  • We write our bylaws and our code of ethics.
  • We created our website – www.clanud.org
  • We have a WhatsApp and Skype community that meets periodically todiscuss issues and promote exchanges of experiences with naturist practice.
  • For the ­first time, we have the supervision of the organization of the VIII ELAN.

After the ELAN, we will accompany the hosts of the country to the “1st Nudist Convention” – a trip to the coast of Ecuador to experience the natural beauties of the Pacifi­c Ocean, enjoy local cuisine and be able to practice naturism under the Ecuadorian sun. The posters of both events are attached to this correspondence.

We would very much like the presence of one or more representatives of your organization in our next events, due to the fact, that it is a unique opportunity for directors to know about the nudist movement in Latin America and to contribute in our plenary sessions with ideas, suggestions and best practices that are being adopted by the INF-FNI member countries.

The ELAN, although it is a working event of the member countries, is opened to anyone interested.

Being everything we had at the moment, we renew our protests of esteem and Consideration.


Juan Marcos Castañeda                                                 María Teresa Roldán

Vice Presidente                                                                  Vice Presidente

(For further information, please contact Jean Peters, Vice-president Secretary of INF-FNI)