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In 2024, Brazil will promote the 15th Edition of the Tambaba Open of Naturist Surfing on the 7th and 8th of September and the Special Edition of the 15th – Tambaba Open of Naturist Surfing will be held by the Brazilian Naturism Federation – FBrN, which will take place on our beautiful Praia de Tambaba in the State of Paraíba, the event will have the support of Sonata – Sociedade Naturista de Tambaba.

This edition celebrates 15 years of Naturist Surfing, the only Naturist sports competition regulated in Brazil and officially approved by the Paraíba Surf Federation.

Surf Naturista had its first edition at the 31st International Naturism Congress held in Brazil in September 2008.

Naturist sporting activity has always been a desired theme by the Brazilian Federation of Naturism – FBrN, the sport involves health, well-being, the union of several generations, the conviviality of naturists with many moments of pure joy.

Today Naturist Surfing is part of the calendar of the Brazilian Federation of Naturism – FBrN, as the only official Naturist sporting activity in Brazil, regulated by an official sporting body.

The competition will be judged by judges with a referee license from the Paraíba Surfing Federation, offering different levels and categories with prizes awarded to the winning athletes.

Surfers prepare very seriously for this competitive sporting activity that will defend above all Naturism in Brazil, as a form of integration through sport.

To take part you can send a WhatsApp message to Drica Santos, FBrN Secretary, on +55 13 98861-0626.