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Photo of the Château de GrésillonSince the curse of the Tower of Babel, humans have been looking to communicate with each other in all ways. Naturism is an instant connection means between people of different origins. But, fairly quickly, the need for talking to each other comes back. There is a solution: an international, neutral, equitable and, above all, easy to learn language: Esperanto!

Naturism is respect for others by the body, Esperanto is respect for others by spirit and culture.

What could be a better way to learn Esperanto than a naturist week in a beautiful castle in the Loire Valley, in France? This is what INOE – Internacia Naturista Organizo Esperantista – The Esperantist International Naturist Association – organizes at the beginning of July.

The Green Week of Naturism (Verda Naturisma Semajno), from June 30 to July 5, 2024, takes place at the Château de Grésillon, near Angers, a beautiful 19th century building with 18 hectares park. Esperanto classes take place every morning, while the afternoons are reserved for various naturist activities: walking, running and sports in the park, horse riding, visit to a nearby naturist center, etc. And if you don’t want to learn Esperanto, we also offer conversationPhoto of Château de Grésillon with naturists outside in German and English with natives.

In short, to discover the international language, have the pleasure of communicating with the whole world by an international, simple, rational and structured, language, while being in a naturist atmosphere in a beautiful setting, only one solution: register for the Green Week of Naturism: https://gresillon.org/naturismo?lang=fr

About Esperanto

Esperanto is the international language developed by Dr. Zamenhof at the end of the 19th century. Esperanto’s goal is to progress towards world peace by adopting an auxiliary, neutral and easy to learn language. The idea of Dr. Zamenhof was that the more humans understand themselves, the more they realize that they have a lot in common, that they have no enemies and that other people are always interesting to meet and become friends. Esperanto is easy to learn, words are easily formed by combining roots, prefixes and suffixes. Esperanto is written as it is pronounced and pronounced as it is written. Grammar has 16 rules and no exceptions. In short, everything is done so that it is easy to learn for everyone.


Esperanto Naturists logoMore Esperanto information on Inoe: https://www.esperanto-naturismo.org

More information on Esperanto: https://esperanto.net/fr/