Naturist events take place all over the world and at all times of the year – even in winter when they are usually indoors.  They vary immensely – from sporting events such as the international swimming and pétanque tournaments and a week-long sporting event in Germany, to festivals, family gatherings in naturist resorts such as the Southern European Family Gathering, hiking events, and indoor events such as hotel weekends, museum and gallery visits and theatrical events.

Some international events are supported by the INF-FNI through EuNat, the European arm.

Naturist events are a great way to enjoy naturism – whether you’re new to naturism or a seasoned naturist.  International events offer an opportunity to meet fellow naturists from many different countries.

It would be impossible to list every event being held anywhere in the world here – there are just too many.  But you can visit your own national federation’s web site to see what’s happening near you.  Find your federation here.

The list is being updated all the time so do re-visit the page when you can!  Federations are welcome to submit events for inclusion in the calendar – we ask only that they are open to international visitors.  Send us an email with the necessary information and leave the rest to us!

The list is now in two parts.  The first is a calendar of events sponsored or supported directly by the INF-FNI.  Scroll down for a list of events organised by federations who have asked us to list them here.



Irish Naturist Association – INA

Every month the Irish Federation = the INA has a full calendar of events. These events are always open to all members of INF-FNI member federations also. So, if any member visiting Ireland wishes to partake in our events they are most welcome and will find a listing on our website at Please do book online beforehand and remember to have your INF-FNI member card with you.

Events for March 2024 can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Association of Naturists in Hungary – FENHU

The Hungarian Naturist Federation has arranged a series of summer events at the Szeged-Sziksósfürdő Naturist Beach and Campsite, near Szeged, a couple of hours south-east of Budapest.

They include:

24-30th June, 2024 – XIX. Camp of Art
6th July, 2024 – Cooking competition
8-14th July, 2024 – XXV. Young Naturists’ Meeting
20th July, 2024 – Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends
22-28th July, 2024 – XXXVI. International Naturists Sportsweek

You can read more about the site – described as a “naturist paradise” – and the events, here.

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